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Notice - Various Tanrtric practices like Vashikaran, Sammohan and Akarshan have almost disappeared. We work with an aim is to retain this esoteric art. Please bear in mind that Vashikaran should be only used to heal and help and not to harm or hurt.

What is Vashikaran?

Vashikaran means to Attract, Influence, and control the mind of the person whome you desire. It is primarily aimed at bringing the person under your influence. In modern society people hold various misconceptions about Vashikaran. Vashikaran is NOT Immoral or Evil. These days Vashikaran is only condidered as the tool to attract love, which is partly true. Vashikaran can also be employed to improve other areas of life like –

  • Boost Harmony in Relationships.
  • Enhance love between couples.
  • To positively attract and influence others. (There is nothing wrong in doing so)
  • To make yourself desirable.
  • To create an Irresistible attraction within you.
  • To save or fix your relationship.
  • Transform your relationships

With the disciplined practice of Vashikaran one can not only influence the human beings or animals, but also the semi gods and celestial deities as well. In this era men is easily tempted to use such tools less positively to fulfill ones owns selfish means. These practices are usually used to harm and hurt others instead of healing or helping the mankind. A true Mentor will never encourage the use of such practices for negative purpose. Now, it’s the time to get over the misconception and recognize this ancient science prudently.

In present age many films personalities and politicians use this science to gain competitive advantage over others. Many of our satisfied clients are Upcoming Models, Top Fashion Designers,Corporates and Highly qualified individuals. As long as this skill is used positively there is nothing wrong with it. The thing that should be avoided is to stay away from using it to fulfill evil motives. As the saying goes “As you sow so shall you reap'. So please monitor your Intent or else be ready to repay the price.

Vashikaran and Atharvaveda -

The tantrik aspect of the Atharva-veda is a compilation of mystic mantras which contains esoteric secrets of attracting and charming others. Due to this some scholars call it a scripture of blind faith and jadu-tona. But this is not the case. Even in the present scientific era, not only in India but in other countries too, many people, tribal’s live amidst jadu-tona/voodoo. In the Atharva-veda, the secret knowledge of tantrik area was inspired by the holy feeling of human welfare, and not with a view to harming anyone. In olden time the Vashikaran amulet or Vashikaran yantra was prepared by a man with intense meditation (tapa) and strength. These days most of the people/websites just sell without energizing.

In the Atharvaveda, tantra-vidya and Vashikaran is a powerful medium which has been procured through deep study, and its mantras are used as per the requirement of the patient. Additionally, it has various mantras for controlling others, controlling women. There is a vast store of mantras for Sammohan, Akarshan, Mohan (Mohini) and the marriage of a maiden. These mantras are associated with Angira Rishi and are known as abhichar sukta.

In this it has also been stated that in this human body God Is also inherent. Therefore, He (God) and it (body) are to be properly taken care of, so that he keeps a man away from diseases. So the tantrik-vidya of the Atharva-veda is concerned with keeping life happy, fulfilling a man's desire, and help him in attaining salvation. It is inspired with thoughts of human well-being.

The Vedas provide information in great detail about spirituality. The Alharva-veda, too deals extensively with it. The ancient Sages and Rishis underwent intense austerity (tapasya), sadhana and meditation and thus recognized the profound mysteries and powers of God. They compiled it in the Vedas. They searched and found the deep secrets of God, and told people how to see God face to face.

You have only ONE chance on this Earth to make the most of it and one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself is have a True Relation with the one you desire.

Our Expertise

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Vashikaran.Us is a a Division of Divine Solutions Worldwide. We offer specialised spiritual and tantra counselling service. Our spiritual remedy includes Customised Tantra, Mantra and Yantra solutions. We provide rare tantric products, Yajna and Customised kits. Our expertise lies in providing the most appropriate solution to your relationship issues.
Our team comprise of learned Vedic Pandits and Tantrics, who master the science of Vashikaran. In the era of complex relationship, infidelity and divorce we need a solution to form stronger and more lasting bonds of love. We firmly believe that Vashikaran holds the Key to matters of Relationships and Love, if it is employed prudently. For more details you can call us on our Toll free Number - 1-866-699-2469 (USA and Canada) from Monday to Friday.



Client Testimonials

The Kamadeva Sammohan Rosary ritual has worked in boosting my attraction, I am more confident, I've been receiving alot more attention from others. My thinking has been much more positive.


Hello Dear Kirti

Kirti, let me share with you some of my changes for the better in my private life. I am grateful for your advices and for your help. I want you to give my regards to the priest who has prescribed me to do these steps ( ritual procedure). Now I am in a relations with the person whom I like very much and who loves me.

Kirti, I am sorry for my mistakes in English, I just want to say that my heart is full of gladdness  and gratitude.


Every time i wear the amulet around my neck the whole day good things happen and overall i see more positive things happening around me.


I wanted to say thank you so much for all your help and the yantra is amazing and it is working!!!! I seem to be attracting all the right opportunities not the modelling one as of yet but i feel that coming along slowly but at my current work the popularity is SOARING SKY HIGH!!! and I'm looking better and healthier by the day!! thank you ever soo much!!!

thank you for your help once again god bless you and keep up the good honest work :)


I was very happy that our relation is improving and we are getting better understanding of each other.

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